What is radd3?

Virtual Reality Game Development

Radd3 is a VR game development company, venture-backed by HTC and Presence Capital. We strive to make applications that are easy-to-implement, easy-to-use, and highly effective. 

FEATURING OUR VR simulated training system


Our VR training system allows users to visualize football plays and practice football in 3D VR without risk of injury. With this highly effective simulated environment, we have also created:

    A tablet-based Play Creation System
    A cloud-based system that enables teams to upload and save football players that are created with the Play Creation System and which can then be downloaded to the DimeTime VR simulated training system
 Screenshot from DimeTime application

Screenshot from DimeTime application


Contact us

For development, VR events, and all other inquiries, email info@radd3.com